Declaration [src]

cog_view_set_use_key_bindings (
  CogView* self,
  gboolean enable

Description [src]

Sets whether to enable usage of the built-in key bindings.

In order for the view to process key bindings, platform implementations need to use cog_view_handle_key_event() to send events to the view.

The following key bindings are supported:

Binding Action
Ctrl-W Exit the application.
Ctrl-+ Zoom in.
Ctrl-- Zoom out.
Ctrl-0 Restore default zoom level.
Alt-Left Go to previous page in history.
Alt-Right Go to next page in history.
Ctrl-R / F5 Reload current page.
Ctrl-Shift-R / Shift-F5 Reload current page ignoring caches.
Available since:0.20


enable gboolean

Whether to enable the key bindings.