Cog is both a utility library (cogcore) for developing applications which embed the WPE WebKit web rendering engine and a reference launcher (cog, a minimal browser) which is suitable to be used as a web application container. Cog is released under the terms of the MIT/X11 license

Cog depends on the following libraries:

  • GLib: A general-purpose utility library which provides useful data types, macros, string utilities, file utilities, a main loop abstraction, and so on. More information available on the GLib website.
  • GObject: A library that provides a type system, a collection of fundamental types including an object type, and a signal system. More information available on the GObject website.
  • Soup:
  • WPE WebKit:

The Cog components are divided in three:

  • Core library (libcogcore): Contains most of the functionality provided by Cog in a reusable library.
  • Programs: Reference implementation of a launcher (cog) and a companion remote control tool (cogctl).
  • Platform modules: Loadable plug-ins which allow running Cog-based programs on different environments (Wayland, X11, etc.)