What is it?

Gallery Facerecognition Resetter Plugin is not a real filter for the Gallery application of the N9 (and N950) MeeGo devices. Instead, it is just a way of forcing the deletion or un/protection of the facerecognition database through its usage from Gallery.


The easiet way of installing Gallery Facerecognition Resetter Plugin is through its entry in the Nokia Store.


  • Gallery's Edit menu with the installed plugin at the bottom

  • Introduction dialog after chosing to apply the plugin

  • Plugin's appearance before doing any action

  • Plugin's appearance after successfully applied the "Protect" action

  • Plugin's About dialog

Accessing its functionality:

  • From the application grid, open Gallery.
  • Pick any picture.
  • Tap on the object menu and select Edit.
  • Tap on Facerecognition resetter.
  • Click the Reset, Protect and/or Unprotect button/s.
  • If you have deleted the facerecognition database, close Gallery immediately.

Video explanation:

Get support:

Please, feel free to report any issues you might find in our bug tracker. If you prefer, you can also send me an email to agomez at igalia.

Known issues:

  • Only PR >= 1.2 is currently supported.
  • Issue #1: You will need to reboot to make the icon for the plugin appear properly