What is it?

Aura is an open source application for N9 and N950 devices using MeeGo/Harmattan. With Aura you can record videos from the mobile's camera, applying fancy special effects.

Aura is inspired in Cheese and uses many of the effects avialable in Gnome Video Effects.

The name of Aura is taken from a kind of Finnish cheese.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which effects are available?

The list of effects that were possible to port to the N9/N950 are: dice, edge, flip, historical, hulk, mauve, noir/blanc, optical illusion, quark, radioactive, waveform, ripple, saturation, shagadelic, kung-fu, vertigo and warp.

Besides of these software effects, it is possible to add, simultaneously, another set of effects that the hardware is capable, such as sepia colors. These hardware capabilities do not impose extra processing as the software effects do.

Why can't I change the video resolution?

Because of this processing cost imposed by the non-hardware video effects, Aura has a fixed video resolution. Otherwise the performance would make the application unusable.

Why can't I take pictures?

That is an unimplemented feature. But there is good news: Aura is fully open source, you can checkout the code at github and we happily accept patches.

I only see a black image

We have heard about this problem but we haven't be able to reproduce that bug by our own means. I you are able to figure out why this is happening, that would be very helpful for us.

Update: In one of the reviews, the user kurt4cobain reports that the problem appears with users who have not upgraded their devices to the release MeeGo Harmanttan 1.2